Online Coaching

Our online athletes come to Shenzhen Weightlifting Association (SZWA) from all over the world, with varying backgrounds and experiences in weightlifting, but all share a common passion for not just our sport, but curiosity and belief in learning through the Chinese system that has produced so many world-class elite weightlifters.

Our programming is just one of many important aspects to our successful online coaching we provide to our athletes. At SZWA, we focus on building a strong foundation with our beginner athletes and tailoring our intermediate athletes with custom programming dependent on his or her areas of strength and technical deficiencies. Through our precise video analysis and prompt response to address technique deviations, we help our athletes see their true potential.

We ask all athletes to fill out our online programming and coaching intake form so that we may assess your level and needs appropriately. Your information serves as a guide for us and upon review of your training videos, we will determine the appropriate level and program for you, to support you towards your goals.

Beginner Online Program


HKD 3300


10 Weeks Chinese Weightlifting Foundation Certificate Program

  1. A program which is designed for beginner who starts from zero
  2. Around 2 – 2.5 hours per session
  3. Standard 3 days training weekly
  4. If you can train more than 3 days per week, we will program you extra strength and conditioning trainings such as muscle, strength, mobility and corrective exercise for structural balance
  5. Tutorial videos for all training sessions
  6. You always have feedback from us about your training videos and questions
  7. After completion of 10 weeks, you should be able to perform snatch and clean and jerk with correct technique
  8. Discussion group for sharing on WhatsApp and WeChat

Pass with Practical Exam


Correct technique demonstrations of:

  • Snatch 25 kg
  • Clean and jerk 45 kg


Correct technique demonstrations of:

  • Snatch 40 kg
  • Clean and jerk 60 kg

Technique Requirements

  • Correct starting position
  • Correct path of barbell
  • Correct triple extension
  • Correct barbell overhead position

Program Materials

  • One set of 10 weeks training program in PDF file
  • 10 weeks private tutorial videos of each training session on YouTube

Program Designed By:

Cao Gang (Head Coach)

  • Ex-national team weightlifting athlete
  • 4 times national champion of 85 kg
  • Over 16 years of weightlifting training and coaching experience

Certificate Issued By:

Shenzhen Weightlifting Association

An official weightlifting association of China. We train professional weightlifting athletes in government sports school.

Intermediate Online Program


HKD 3200


10 Weeks Online Program

  • Tailor-made 10 weeks system training program
  • Clearly write down what you need to do in each training
  • Detailed video analysis
  • Clearly explain your mistakes and weaknesses
  • Solutions for incorrect technique
  • Instructional videos of corrective exercises, technique drills and accessory exercises.
  • You will clearly know how and why (not just getting a piece of paper with some exercises on it)
  • Unlimited ask questions anytime
  • Regular follow up